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Dixon Dick

Founder, CEO
Longmont, CO
I lead a smart city startup, capturing and sharing data to enhance community and environmental dialogs. As a 35 year veteran of the technology industry, my experience includes a broad variety of development, leadership and creative roles, enabling me to bring a wide range of perspectives to difficult software, hardware and team challenges.

I am a community advisor and consultant for the City of Longmont, helping to enable improvements in city services through technology and education. To assist in Longmont development, I am a Co-Founder of CoSolve, creating a place and program for community, serving Entrepreneurs and independent, remote and mobile workers.

As an industrial multimedia/film producer, I worked with a variety of companies in the Energy and Tech industries, story telling and crafting novel methods of message delivery including online and game based.

I have multicultural background, and have worked with clients worldwide, including Nigeria, Vietnam, Denmark, Germany, Finland and Dubai, as well as mentoring startups in England, Denmark and Australia. I have a working knowledge of Spanish, German and Danish.