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Robin Athey

I feel such joy when people express their unique gifts and talents.
It's as if they light up -- and light up everyone around them.

I'm also really committed to conscious leadership, and helping to usher in new ways of leading and organizing.

What would it be like if we were to embody our unique gifts and natural power?
To step fully into our leadership, and purpose, with greater awareness?
To engage the best of our people and talent?

I want more of that.

I work as:

An executive coach and partner with Evolution, a coaching, consulting, and investment firm. We help startups and high-growth companies to thrive and scale without losing their soul.

A purpose guide, helping people to embody their unique essence and natural power.

A coach for tech leaders, social entrepreneurs and community organizers / political campaign staff.

A somatic and trauma coach who supports people in transcending whatever holds them back.

I'm also a long-time meditation and yoga practitioner. And after decades traveling the world, I love staying home with friends and community in Boulder.