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Bill Shirley

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Executive Coach
In my 30 year career as a line manager, executive and consultant, I specialized in turning around failing operations.  The critical issues were never technical; they were always fundamental leadership issues.  During this time, I tested and proved the concepts that became my Authentic Leadership Insights model which is the foundation of my Executive Leadership Development practice.

In working with Executive Leadership teams our company guides the creation of agile, enthusiastically engaged teams that create for themselves, a low-stress environmental ecosystem, free of chaos and destructive conflict.  The key is evolving "HOT" Relationships, that is, relationships grounded in Honesty, Openness and Trust, where the leaders acquire a high level of Social Emotional Intelligence.  These leaders project their individual authentic presence-generally characterized by humility, humor, intuition, curiosity and vulnerability.  They create a safe environment where creativity and innovation flourish.