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Suzi Bahnsen

Boulder SBDC
Assistant Director
"The Juice is Worth the Squeeze"

In my career I have had the fortunate pleasure of exploring sales and marketing on several levels. I have been a Marketing Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Owner, Business Development Director, Sales Manager, a Consultant and more. All of these roles have helped to shape my viewpoint and allow me to follow my true passion as a connector. I understand investment strategy, budgets, sales goals, corporate culture, the rush of end-of-quarter, and the stress of end-of-year. In short, I know what keeps executives up at night. My focus and specialty have been brand identity, digital strategy and selling initiatives.

Through this evolution, I have worked with hundreds of companies ranging from Fortune 500s to startups nationally and internationally. Being smart, keeping ahead of the curve, leveraging technology and most importantly, maintaining strong relationships is what I believe to be the key to success.

Specialties: Consultative Sales, Creative Direction, Business Strategy, Internet Marketing, Human Relations Management, Digital Marketing, Training, Idea Generation, Program Management, Branding and Identity, Market Research and Competitive Analysis