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Darren Elven

Co-founder, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer
Longmont, CO
As Co-Founder and chief strategist at Archethought, Darren is one of the iconic persons in life who can say he loves what he does. He mentors team members in the company and community whenever he can, looks after our community partners, customers and end-users, and helps chart the course of Archethought.

Darren is a seasoned and innovative technology leader with multi-industry experience spanning local startups through to global brands such as Disney and Crocs. Darren is also President & CEO of Startup Longmont, and prior to becoming the President & CEO he served as a Board Director.

Currently a co-founder and member of senior leadership teams for Archethought, and CoSolve, Darren has previously been a team member for some well recognized front-range ventures over his career such as ServiceMetrics, NextAction and Crocs. He currently serves as Secretary and a Board Director for Archethought, and Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Directors for CoSolve.

He is a mentor and advisor with a passion for being a lifelong learner. As a technologist, Darren holds a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology from Middlesex University, London. His career includes being a founding software engineer, CIO/CTO and Chief Strategy Officer. Darren enjoys talking all things technology, strategy, marketing and growth opportunities, as well as supporting community work and the evolution of Smart Cities.

When not working, you can find Darren enjoying the outdoors, sipping coffee at a café or traveling and SCUBA diving off the coast of Cozumel.