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Jay Minaya

Journey Language Center
Co-Founder, CEO, Program Director
Longmont, CO
I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Journey Language Centers (JLC). I am originally from Lima, Peru. I moved to the United States to pursue my Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing Diploma at the Leeds School of Business at CU. After graduation, I worked in financial institutions for three years, however, my entrepreneurial spirit and passion for languages and culture made me pursue my dream of opening a language school.
At JLC, I've been involved, from day one, in different aspects of the product/service development including marketing, sales, customer service and curriculum designing for language courses and cultural events.
I am also a real estate investor and I hold a Culinary Fundamentals Diploma from Escoffier International Culinary Academy. These 2 skills have helped me to implement new Real Estate for bilinguals and Cooking programs at JLC.
I am very excited to participate in the LSW18 and give my best to share my input and knowledge with you.

Marketing, Management, Sales, Accounting, HTML coding, Spanish Tutoring, Spanish lessons, English to Spanish Certified Translations and Interpretation, Language Schools, Entrepreneurship, Spanish Immersion, Cross Cultural Communication Training, Customer Service.