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Jackson Carson

Snap Engage
Director, Mentor
Longmont, CO
UX strategist, mentor, and pixelosopher by day.
Abstract fine art photographer by evening.
Funky musician by night.
My favorite question is “Why?”

UX/UI Director at SnapEngage in Boulder, Colorado, steering the business towards delightful experiences for our users. I also coach and mentor businesses at Techstars, Galvanize, and abroad. I help interdisciplinary and multi-cultural teams to empathize with their users, innovate, test, and learn.

With over 20 years of professional interaction design and creative leadership experience, I strive to affect positive change in the world via applied design processes. I employ adapted flavors of design thinking, GV design sprints, lean and agile UX methodologies to solve big, hairy, complex, creative challenges with qual/quant data-driven solutions.

I employ UX strategy, Jobs To Be Done, and design thinking principles to inform product definition and bring a passion for effective design and usability to the teams I work with. With deep experience in interaction design for web and mobile applications, I pride myself in guiding teams to design functional and beautiful solutions, with the user in mind at all times.

I designed the disruptive "timeline"​ animation interface in Adobe After Effects that has become the industry standard in virtually every animation, 3D, and effects application.

I founded and operated the interactive creative agency, Wavelength Media Inc., for 15 years and have worked with companies and teams, large and small -- large enterprise, mid-sized, startups, and small teams. Agencies, in-house, remote, and co-located.