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Mark Downey

Mnomadic Coaching & Consulting
Performance Enhancement Coach
Denver, CO
I’m a Certified Professional Coach who believes taking the time to really know yourself is the secret to turning your passion into results that matter.

I spent five years as a management consultant supporting boundary-pushing startups and mission-driven companies like National Geographic around the world. In both coaching and consulting, my mission has always been to find creative insights, leverage bold strategies, & critically evaluate results in order to build understanding & maximize positive impacts for everyone.

I first discovered the transformative power of mindfulness when looking for ways to develop the courage and self-confidence to lead teams in unfamiliar cultures and tackle projects that were (initially) way over my head. Now, I work with clients on their feelings rather than their spreadsheets. I teach mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and work-life balance to individuals and groups, and—my absolute favorite part—work with people 1-on-1 to apply their insights to real life.