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Paul Wagner

Creative Lab.TV
Founder, CEO
Greater Denver Area
Paul Wagner is a 5-Time EMMY® Award winner, 25-year entertainment executive/creator, corporate speaker/educator, tech investor and the CEO of CreativeLab.TV, a web and mobile tech-entertainment company based in Boulder CO. Paul has personally created, written, produced, taught and performed for millions of people on television, and on stage for over 500 clients in over 10 countries. Paul’s teams of developers, producers, videographers, editors and artists are of the highest quality.

Paul helps launch startups, coaches founders & executives, and lectures with his newly acclaimed book, Startup Confidential: The Raw, Unfiltered Truth About Starting a Company. By working for Google, Aetna, IBM, AT&T, Reebok, Sprint, AOL and other top-tier companies, Paul has risen to become a highly accoladed producer and technologist, successfully generating quality web & mobile apps and professional-grade video series, TV pilots and digital content. By directing his team of outstanding developers and creators, your company will enjoy a brilliant app, beautiful branding, engaging shows and inspiring presentations. Paul and his team are driven by passion and excellence. “WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!”