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Scott Converse

Longmont Observer
Co-Founder & Publisher
Longmont, CO
Locally focused non-partisan non-profit news and information platforms.

Makerspace / Innovation Center creation and operation. Primary founder and past president of the largest non-profit makerspace in Colorado: TinkerMill.org.  

Innovation, Software, media & online community creation (Apple Computer, Paramount Pictures, Kudelski Group, ClickCaster Inc.)

Carrier-class communication & software environments focused on globally accessible services (MCI, Motorola, McLeodUSA)

Early stage Internet software start-ups - founder/CTO/CEO (ClickCaster.com, Medioh!); co-founder (Extractcraft).

Creation, setup, and operation of 501(c)3 non-profit organizations (denhac, TinkerMill, the Longmont Observer).

Create, build and run start-up companies; created new divisions, launched new products and operated existing businesses at several Fortune 500 companies.

Specialties: Driving synthesis of concepts into ideas, businesses, and products. Positive creative innovation at multiple levels including product, service, business model, and management. Forming and managing exceptionally effective teams of highly talented creatives (technical, art and business). Finding, filtering and launching new products and businesses.

Deeply Passionate about the creation of democratizing platforms (making tech, services and media directly available to more people), new innovative products and the associated user experiences.