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Tom Danielson

Cinch Coaching
Founder, Head Coach
When it comes to life, there are three kinds of people: those that commit, those that are conveniently committed, and those that conveniently don't commit at all. At CINCH, we are the committed.

We are the ones that get tough when the going gets tough. We are the ones that bridge the gap and make attacks. Our tribe views steep grades as the pathway to opportunity. We get out when others want to stay in. We prefer a challenge rather than the temptation of mediocrity. We make our opportunities while others make excuses. When our legs scream "no more", all we hear is music. When our hearts pound thunderously against our chest, all we feel is the drumbeat of victory.

We are the ones that pedal on, leaving nothing in the tank. To be one of us, you have to see beyond the bike, the race, or the number. To be one of us, you have to see your purpose and believe in your potential. To be one of us, you have to commit!

I warmly invite you to join us and go ALL IN to becoming the next level of yourself!